Monster High Games

  • abbey snow monster
    abbey snow monster

    Help Abbey to create his own snow monster. Your skills for handling a shovel will help her to finish this task. After you have done built the snow monster go to the next level.

  • avea trotter dress up
    avea trotter dress up

    Go through the various stages of coating and beautification of this character. Choose clothing or accessory you want and move from one panel to another until your reach the final.

  • baby monster flu doctor
    baby monster flu doctor

    The two babies are playing outside on the balcony. Suddenly the weather gets worse and starts to rain, one of them gets sick and must be cared.

  • black carpet cleo
    black carpet cleo

    On the black carpet all high monsters should look good. This will be possible only with your help, so you will need to be personal stylist for Cleo. This is your chance to prove...

  • catty noir hairstyles
    catty noir hairstyles

    Be ready for a new session of styling monsters. Because they must look good for high school, hair preparation is very important. It is a simple game in which you will learn how...

  • clawdeen wolf hairstyles
    clawdeen wolf hairstyles

    In this game you go through all stages of a successful professional monster hairstyles. Definitely something like this game you have not played yet but now it's your chance.

  • freaky sirena
    freaky sirena dress up

    A stylish dress up game with a character from Monster High. The freaky Mermaid is at your disposal to dress as you like. You have plenty of choices, her wardrobe is impressive.

  • backpack design
    monster high backpack

    Have you ever thought how it feels to create your own schoolbag. The coolest thing you ever do, certainly yours look the same, full of added accessories and custom...

  • monster high haunted
    monster haunted house

    Decorate this monster high house as much as possible to look haunted. You have a lot of strange objects from people to animals, furniture and more. You have the ability to shrink...

  • monsterhigh objects
    monster hidden objects

    The title of this game will tell you everything you need to know. Find all hidden objects in this room. All the objects that muste to find are displayed in the top bar of the game.

  • monster high lagoona
    monster high lagoona

    Create an costume for this beautiful water monster Laguna. Use your mouse to select clothes and accessories you want. Just one click and clothes are changed immediately.

  • monster high love potion
    monster high love potion

    Cleo must prepare a magic potion for her boyfriend Deuce Gordon. The love potion must be done carefully, otherwise it will damage, and it will not come to love her.

  • monster high wolf babies
    monster wolf babies

    Monster wolf babies like to play with them today. They are small and need your care. Pay attention and watch what they want, select the desired items to make it happy.

  • monster hospital recovery
    mh hospital recovery

    Draculaura looked out the window and sees a beautiful bat. He wants to comfort him, but in a moment of inattention slip and hit badly. Your mission is to help them recover as...

  • monster high rain boots
    monster high rain boots

    Come together to decorate these rain boots. We provide some stickers with Monster High. Before we start decorating them, we need the necessary tools for this job.

  • night out ghoulia yelps
    night out ghoulia yelps

    Ghoulia is preparing to go out tonight. Her monster tastes not fit too well. No one knows better than you how to be arranged this monster girl. Use your high school imagination...

  • realistic monster high room
    realistic monster room

    Have you ever thought how it's like to decorate the room of these high school monsters? Now you can arrange them as you wish their room. In this game you can change the...

  • robecca steam dress up
    robecca steam dress up

    Robecca is in town and caught it at night. It is not dressed properly and he felt cold. She wants to dress, but without your help it can not. Use the right panel to choose your...

  • rochelle goyle's pedicure
    rochelle goyle's pedicure

    The feet of this high school monster require few care. Rochelle, do not know how to do pedicure. Show him how you proceed and make her happy.

  • toralei stripe
    monster high toralei stripe

    We are at the gym class and Toralei Stripe must be dressed appropriately. I leave you to choose best clothes suitable for this monster high school sport class.

  • twyla dress up
    monster twyla dress up

    Drag with your mouse the clothes on this high school monster. It's the girl, and you can make it look more beautiful. If you like to be designer, just try your luck.

  • watzit grooming
    watzit grooming cleaning

    Grooming Watz dog needs special care. After a full day of playing in the high school monster yard need a good wash and care. Rub it well and then wipe it with a dry towel.

  • swim class lagoona blue
    swim class lagoona blue

    Help Lagoona Blue to prepare for bathing. You have a great range of clothes and accessories that you can use on her. If it is your favorite monster come to help and have fun.

  • robecca steam coffin bean
    robecca steam coffin

    Nothing is more beautiful than a cup of coffee drunk in the morning with your girlfriend from school. Choose clothing that fits better to the beginning of a beautiful day.